About Lloyd Spencer and this blog


This is a personal exploration. A kind of stock-taking.


About me, Lloyd Spencer



My most recent project has been a series of photographs on the theme of consumerism or “retail therapy” for an exhibition in the arts centre at Holy Trinity church on Boar Lane, Leeds. I have lifted the biographical details below from the website for the Your Retail Soulmate exhibition. For that exhibition I created two stained glass windows out of ‘street photography’ images taken on my phone and processed through Instagram. Twelve of these images were exhibited large as part of the exhibition. The exhibition is now over but the church has asked me to leave my stained glass windows in place. 

I first became seriously involved in photography while working for the anti-Apartheid publishing house, Ravan Press in Johannesburg, South Africa. Then (1981-2) and later in Wigan and Manchester I helped start and run film and photography workshops and helped mount several photographic exhibitions in what I thought of as ‘documentary’ mode.

As well as editing a book of essays by John Berger and working with him on his major statement on photography, Another Way of Telling, I have written two ‘comic books’ on philosophy, Hegel for Beginners and The Enlightenment for Beginners. I spent a quarter of a century teaching undergraduates and have run a number of on-line courses and workshops on various aspects of photography and on creativity generally.

In addition to the exhibition on Briggate, I conducted a second long-term photographic project exploring night life on the streets of inner-city Leeds with Stephen Griffin. At present I am working on a series of projects involving portraiture, foliage and forests, and dance photography.

e-mail: lloydspencer AT mac DOT com

Twitter: @Briggate

Flickr: Briggate.com


Reading Gerry Badger’s essays in the collection The Pleasure of Good Photographs has been a real pleasure. Discussing some of the essays online in a forum organised by Flak Photo Books and Tom Griggs of http://www.fototazo.com has been a stimulating but also sometimes a frustrating experience. Facebook is simply not suited to discussion. And it makes any kind of authorship very difficult.

So I have started this blog. It may not last very long. But I do want to explore the notion of “the quiet photograph” — in words and images, through practice and through contemplation.

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