It is getting quiet around here

Does it make sense to set out self-consciously to take (or make) a “quiet” photograph, in the sense that Gerry Badger uses that term (in his essay on “A Quiet Photograph”). I was thinking about Badger’s essay as I wandered around this rather strange area near Leeds city centre on a quiet summer’s evening.

It was quiet. The whole area was quiet. More quiet than the rapid developments of 5 years ago had ever envisioned. The blue hoarding on the right marks the site of a huge new building planned (just before the slump of 2008) but never built.

In 2006 and 2007 I took many photos here as one of my “Transformations” projects. I curious about how this new spate of dormitory building would turn out and how the spaces in between would be made habitable and become more sociable.


And to contrast with my approach to taking photos down there (Wellington Street / Whitehall Road area) 5 years ago… under intensive development… mean that there was a kind of narrative of transformation…

  • the story as envisioned by the developers…

  • And I wanted to explore that narrative…

  • not necessarily endorse it…

  • or criticise it…

  • Now… finding quiet time to absorb its quietness…


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